Kraina Rozvag

Kraina Rozvag («Land of Fun») is a a unique park of active entertainment in Kyiv. It is zone of comfortable rest where everyone will find something to do on their liking as it is the only park in Ukraine that combines such industries as technology and business, education, culture, exhibitions, recreation parks, sports and leisure zone for all children age groups.

Our task was to create a logotype that causes direct association with relaxation, fun and entertainment. Created Brand Guidebook and key elements of corporate style has formed the basis of all graphic solutions and promotional materials in the complex.

Goryanskiy kraina rozvag Kraina Rozvag white logo Sphere cinema Kraina Rozvag Kraina Rozvag Navigation

A national actor of Ukraine Volodymyr Goryansky with brand attributes; logo visualization in a horizontal position on a white design cardboard; a spherical movie theater in the center of the park "Kraina Rozvag"; Navigation signs installed all over the park area

Guidebook kraina rozvag

A Guidebook of "Kraina Rozvag"

Business identity Kraina Rozvag

A Letterhead, envelope and personalized business card